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First of all, let me say welcome to The Happy Hoarder! I hope you enjoy your time here. My name is Josh Pederson. I'm a father of three (soon to be four), a high school English teacher, and an avid collector of things my wife gets mad at me for buying. While my collecting passions mostly revolve around Jurassic Park, '90s Power Ranger toys, retro video games, and all things Gundam, I tend to collect just about any type of toy, comic book, trading card, or video game I can get my hands on. Though my wife isn't always happy about my hoarding, collecting things certainly makes me happy. I guess you can say I'm from a generation of kids who spent too much time in toy stores like KB Toys or Toys R' Us, and anything else that might exist in or around a shopping mall. Since most of those places have gone out of business, there's been a feeling of lack in my life, which I decided needs to be filled.


It's taken a couple of years to put together, but The Happy Hoarder is a brand new, bouncing baby toy store for children and adults alike. I know that COVID-19 and the scalping culture that was birthed as a bi-product has made being a collector of anything difficult and pricey. Let me assure you that my prices will never rise into the realm of the ridiculous, and none of them were purchased with bots. My products come from distributors and online auctions. If you have any questions or comments, please reach out to me using the contact information below.

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